5 Most Reputable ATV Adventure Tour Companies in Las Vegas, Nevada

ATV adventure tours are very popular in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is very monotonous with clubs, hotels, and Casinos. Adventure tours give the best option to reduce this monotony as well as offer great experiences. ATV tour companies are becoming very competitive offering the best services to their customer. Here are some companies offering great ATV adventure tours in Las Vegas.

5-star helicopter tours
If you are looking for a great ATV adventure experience in Las Vegas then 5-star helicopter tours should be your best partner. The company offers great services giving you the best view of the areas visiting. The tours are one and a half hours long and booking is done online 24 hours before the actual travel day. The team has a very friendly guide to give you the best experience and they have pickup services from all Las Vegas hotels to ensure your convenience. Upon arrival from the pickup location, you will be introduced to your guide and then given the necessary gears to get ready for the ride. The ride includes refreshments such as sodas and fries.

Vegas ATV Adventures
Several off-road races are held in the Las Vegas desert among them being the Silver State 300, Henderson 250 and The Mint 400 which is America’s largest and most prestigious Off-Road Race so prepare to explore the most challenging and diverse terrain found in North America. This Desert chase lasts up to 2 hours where the client will be riding through miles of desert washes, Competitors from around the globe come here to test their skills and these machines are the fastest dune buggies in Vegas with up to 1000ccs.

Zero1 Desert Adventures
Zero1 Desert Adventures is yet another Las Vegas’ premiere desert experience of the off-road. Zero 1 is located a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and it offers two-hour, three-hour, and half-day excursions. This company offers the best desert experiences. Drivers are assigned to their own A Polaris RZR XP1000 is assigned to a driver who is a guide on the adventure of the beautiful Mojave Desert. A radio-equipped helmet is provided to every client to facilitate communication with each other. Zero 1 also provides corporate and group events to satisfy all the different customers. Using this company you are offered massive discounts which include refreshments and safety gears.

RVN4FUN – Adventure Vacations
RVN4FUN – Adventure Vacations is another reputable tours company offering ATV adventure services in Las Vegas. Like all other companies, the RVN4FUN – Adventure Vacations offer an hourly rate and is well structured to allow online bookings for the convenience of the client. In addition to the ATV adventure services the company also offers ATV tours as well as Buggy tours among other services. The company has well-trained instructors and offer safety gears before the start of the adventure. In addition, the company offer refreshments to all its clients as well as identifying the best locations for their clients’ visits.

Ultimate Desert Adventures
The ultimate desert adventures is another reputable ATV adventure company offering great deals. The company offers pick-ups and drop-offs at the Vegas strip. Their staffs are well trained and offer the best services. The package comes with snacks to ensure that people stay entertained. They also offer protective gears such as goggles and helmets. Boo with them for massive discounts.

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