Things to do at Grand Canyon

Visiting Las Vegas would not be complete without a visit to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon receives more than 5 million people each year. The park covers an area of 277 miles all the way to the Colorado River. Visiting this massive attraction does not depend on a season since it can be visited at any time of the year. Winter is particularly very good especially when you visit when there is snow as you get to have very beautiful views. However, most of the people visit the area during the summer as the hot weather is more appealing to most of them. The development of the area has happened over the last 2 billion years and visiting the area you would not believe it was one a flat land due to the erosion and weathering which has happened in the area.

There are many ways you can use to visit this area depending on what you want to achieve. You can either use a bus, helicopter, motorcycle, small places or even drive yourself to the area. The Grand Canyon is also divided into two that is the Grand Canyon North Rim and then the Grand Canyon South Rim.

Things to do at the Grand Canyon North Rim
Depending on the time you have you can first walk down Bright Angel Trail. This trail is about half a mile walk and is not hard to complete. More to that if you planning to hike there are many hiking trails at the North Rim. Day hiking is free and therefore you do not have to seek permission from anyone.

For those who are driving drive to the Cape Royal. Before the Cape Royal has a stopover at the Point Imperial for great views. The beauty of Point Imperial is because it’s the highest point of the park. You can then move to the Vista Encantadora, Walhalla Overlook and then to the Roosevelt Point. Towards the end of the road, there is a short walk to the Cape Royal from where you can have a fantastic view of the whole park.

Things to do at the Grand Canyon South Rim
The southern Rim is considered as the real Canyon. This is because it’s the most developed and most of the people prefer visiting the southern one. This particular one on about 447 kilometers from Las Vegas. At the southern Rim, you can start by visiting the Market plaza before touring the historic district which has the original lodges. After that, you can then walk to the Canyon Rim and the Mather Point so as to have a great view of the Grand Canyon. This area has pedestrian paths which connect the Rim Trail and the Visitor Center Area. One point that is a must visit is the Bright Angel Point. The Southern Rim is more popular because of its infrastructure as well as overall development. However, in general, the Grand Canyon is one of the most attractive places to visit while in Las Vegas.

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